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Desc : Sprout Maker Set (Big)

Brand : Capital

Type : Big sprout Maker Set

Cleaning : dishwasher & sink

Touch Handle : Yes

Operating Method : Easy

Color : Visible Plastic

Material : Plastic


Weight : 450.0000

Height : 200.00 MM

Width : 200.00 MM

Depth : 150.00 MM



Introducing the revolutionary product. Now you can make sprouted pulses in a clean & hygienic way.

Sprouted Grain-pulses-cereals are best food provider by nature. This sprout maker provides you with constant supply of sprouted food, full of nutritive value. It prepares sprouts in the most hygienic odourless convenient way and mimics nature's process in a scientific way.

It is made by 100% Food Grade Material.

It’s your faithful cook while you are on diet. It consists of unique siphon system With Air and Humidity Control for Hygienic sprouting System and Making low calorie Salads. Scientifically Designed Containers facilitates easy and hygienic sprouting of Beans.

This sprout maker has three bowls for three different beans.

Easy to Use:-This user-friendly sprout maker is easy to use and does not require any special instructions or steps to be taken during or before use. Once you understand how to use it, it is a very simple tool to handle and can be used by all family members efficiently.

How To Use: Pre soak Seeds/Grains In Clean Water at least For 4 Hours Make sure to see the red siphon cape are correctly placed in each seed bowl Put Pre - soaked seed / grains in separate bowls (Diff. type of seeds / grains in separate bowls) Pour enough water in the uppermost bowl to fully cover the siphon cap (Min. 1/2 Litre water) Soak the beans for about 8 hours or overnight. Wash the beans and drain it. Rinse the sprout maker thoroughly. Add fresh water in the top compartment put the soaked beans in the compartment. The bottom compartment is left empty. The water from the top compartment drips into the middle one and goes down to the last one. Remove the water from the bottom compartment every day. Keep the sprout maker in a warm place, better on fridge top to maintain warmth.

19 cm Diameter

For great result:- Go to YouTube on internet and look for "sprout maker use" and you can see couple of video.

Additional Information

Cleaning dishwasher & sink
Type Big sprout Maker Set
Operating method Easy
Touch Handle Yes
Material Plastic

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